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Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Woodlake Chiropractic Team

"I have had MS for over twenty years. For the last year I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain making it difficult to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. I sought help from various doctors, but nothing helped the pain. Then I learned about Dr. Paul. Due to his method of treatment the pain in my back is now gone. The painful leg spasms I have had for years due to MS are also now gone along with the usual joint pain that just comes with age. I have worn a brace on my right leg for several years which changed the normal function of my hip and caused my leg to swing to the side. Dr. Paul's treatment has corrected this so that I am now walking more normally. As a result of the treatments, my ability to function has improved dramatically making walking and other daily activities so much easier. I am more positive, have more energy, and feel so much better overall. Dr. Paul has helped me realize that I don't need to just accept the challenges MS has given me. MS will never go away, but it is possible to make these challenges less difficult to live with. I am very grateful for the help Dr. Paul has given me and highly recommend him to everyone. The difference is amazing. "
Marge L. / Eagan, MN / Retired Administrative Assistant

"There is a virtual laundry list of positive changes since starting my care with Dr. Paul Zilka two years ago! As a professional cellist, the overall health of my muscles, nerves, and joints is exceedingly important; concerning preparation, endurance, and of course performance. I have experienced low back pain, tennis elbow, upper back pain and neck pain. Some in regards to my career, but also because of other life circumstances too. Each issue has been addressed by Dr. Zilka with expertise in testing and with a true "listening ear" to what my body is doing. In turn, he pursues whatever method of treatment he deems necessary to restore health and balance to that part of my body. As a result of the work that Dr. Zilka has done with me, I have had much more energy and am free from pain, whether playing my instrument or doing other daily activities. Dr. Zilka is a very gifted Chiropractor whom I would recommend to anyone! Thank you for the awesome job you have done, I am extremely grateful!!"
Diane K. / Minneapolis, MN / Freelance Cellist

"When our daughter, Elizabeth, was about 2 months old she had colic. She would cry all the time, and was not sleeping well at night. We also noticed that she would never look to the right. We began bringing her in to see Dr. Zilka three times a week, and within the first week we could see a difference in her. Instead of a "crabby" baby, we now have a happy, smiling baby who sleeps through the night. We also noticed that Elizabeth's range of motion in her neck quickly improved, and she didn't appear to always be leaning to one side. Elizabeth's condition improved so much, that I now tell anyone who has a baby with colic to seek out chiropractic care for their baby. We really like the fact that Dr. Zilka is a father, so he really understands children. He uses a very gently touch with our daughter, and is wonderful about explaining things to us."
DShawn M. / Bloomington, MN / Homemaker

"I am a classical singer and initially I came in to see Dr. Zilka for some neck and shoulder pain that was making it hard for me to practice because I was so tense. He fixed that pain right away, and then started working on the nerves that run right through the vocal apparatus. This brought everything in line with my voice and now I am seeing improvement in my vocal technique, stamina, and overall performance capabilities. Dr. Paul is wonderful to work with because he is so supportive and really excited to work more in the musical world."

Rebecca F. / Minneapolis, MN / Classical Singer

"I am 49 years old and was having a lot of hot flashes both during the day and at night. I told Dr. Paul about it and he said he could adjust me for that. So he did! I can not believe the difference it has made for me! I went 6 months before I started feeling the hot flashes come back! I was thinking the adjustment might last a week or two, but was ecstatic that it lasted for 6 months! Thank you, Dr. Paul, for the help you have given me!"
Mary B. / Richfield, MN / Teacher

"I was experiencing extreme pain in my right shoulder and carpal tunnel symptoms in both of my hands. This was making it very hard to sleep at night. My husband, a patient of Dr. Paul, had seen material on carpal tunnel treatment, so with an open mind I made an appointment with Dr. Paul. It only took a little time to see some improvement, and now one year later I have almost no pain and am able to get a good night's sleep. A much better option than surgery."

Doris W. Richfield, MN Bowling Proprietor

"I have had migraine headaches for years. As they seemed to worsen, I tried medical doctors, physical therapy, and medication to find relief. Not wanting to be on medication forever, I went to Dr. Zilka. His treatments have definitely helped me. Not only are my headaches better but my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are the lowest they have been in 10 years. This is after only 9 months of treatments! Thank you Dr. Zilka!"
Patricia M. / Richfield, MN / Accounting Office

"I initially sought out chiropractic care by Dr. Paul Zilka for neck pain following a fall. Dr. Paul's technique and care extinguished my pain fully. What I was not anticipating was the surprising change my entire body experienced. I began to notice an increase in my ability to swim and run at a higher intensity. My muscle pain had decreased allowing me to boost my speed and endurance when competing with my swim team. I will continue to make appointments with Dr. Paul to increase my optimal physical health."
Jennie L-B. / Eagan, MN / Teacher

"I thought I would have to live with the pain in my lower back for the rest of my life and the big hump across my upper shoulders. My life is tremendously better because of chiropractic care. I will go to a chiropractor first before my medical doctor because I know that medications--for instance Rosacea--are only a cover up and they don't cure the cause. Chiropractic did. What ever my problem has been, doctoring in Chiropractic is my first choice. Thank you Dr. Paul and Dr. Ann for your technique in Chiropractic. P.S. It even cured my hiccups once!"
Sandy M. / Minneapolis, MN / Retired

"The first time I visited Dr Paul I was skeptical. But it is truly amazing how I feel now after two visits.
I used to urinate 5 to 6 times during the night. Now I do not get up once a night at all. During the day it has been less times too.
I sleep through the night 2-3 days in a row after every adjustment and do not have trouble sleeping at all.
My tension headaches are gone within 2 hours after getting an adjustment.
My digestive system is way better after the adjustment."
Thank you,
Lisa H.

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